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ul. “Panayot Volov” 29, fl.2, 1527 Sofia, Bulgaria

Customers first

Build customer-centric products with the freedom of the latest in 3D printing industrial technology using the leading outsourcing solution for managed 3D services, all with the ease of easy3D’s customer experience.

Core competencies

Setting up, operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining 3D printers and software is not where the race is won. Avoid the risks and complexity, and refocus your engineering energy where they matter most: creating great products.

Focus on your products

Outsource to easy3D for the same reasons industry leaders do: it’s the best way of building with modern industry toolsets, innovating quickly, and reducing leads times to meet the production demand of tomorrow.

Access to a powerful and innovative technology portfolio. Built for engineers, by engineers.

The 3D printing technology everybody adores, with the enterprise approach large companies need.

Get started today with a free, no-risk pilot project.

Adress: ul. “Panayot Volov” 29, fl.2, 1527 Sofia, Bulgaria